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UK business web hosting provider review

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So many "compare website" exist in the market trying to tell you how to choose your web hosting through comparing offers, prices, services, functionalities etc. However, have you ever thought whether those are really the key issues for YOU, as a business with its own special requirement?

Trust your own judgment, you could make a wise choice just by learning some basic knowledge on how to select the most suitable web hosting for your business and what is the real point your need to look at.

Reliability & Speed

Website viewers ONLY like quick loading site (From the research statistics, 76.9% of the users will leave the site if the page does not load within 5 seconds and 98% will never visit the site with "services unavailable" symbol.), do not want to be the customer of a company with its website of full error pages and "service unavailable" symbols. Obviously, you don't want to be that company. So, "cheap" is not the first priority for selecting a website hosting provider. The reason you need a website is that you need your company "findable" on the web and you want your website (Ecommerce, B2B, commercial, B2C, C2C sites) generates customer which is vital for your business. Therefore, reliability is always the most important thing. Do some research work; find out web hosting company statistics on their server "guaranteed up time" and use some free web testing tools to get general pictures of the host access speed. (Another related issue on the ISP's security of server will be discussed on another whitepaper of Gigabiz IT newsletter)


You need to buy what you need. If you are not IT professional and you are not hosting hundreds of web pages with complicated scripts and web based applications, some of the terms and functionalities web hosting suppliers provided probably are meaningless to you. Find out what exactly you are looking for, which normally you should be able to describe by just one sentence. For instance: I need a windows platform web hosting providing 1000M web space and enough bandwidth. This sentence actually point out your requirements: windows platform (usually gives the capability of asp,, MS SQL, Access Database), 1000M (the requirement of your web space for web pages, web based applications and database), bandwidth (the allowance of using hosting server resources). Generally speaking, before you start to hunt around for your web hosting, the more details you know your own site, the better choice you will have.


There are several ways to host your website such as shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, managed hosting, VPS hosting and so on. Again, you need to know your own requirement. Do not pay for something you do not necessary need or the functions you never use. The hosting plan will always be affordable once you know what you want. Some really good bargains on the market, such as 1 pound per year hosting plan by Strato UK give you wide choice for getting affordable hosting for your website.

Customer support

You need to speak to someone - real person - to get answers for any of your outstanding issues as soon as possible. Quick response and professional knowledge make your website more reliable. Google or Yahoo, do listen to what others said about the hosting supplier rather than read adverts. Forum usually is a good place to get useful information.

Gigabiz currently is working with several university research groups for the project on marketing research of web hosting technical development and assessment & user behaviour. We will update some useful information on our site. For E-commerce solutions, please visit Gigabiz E-commerce business solutions page

For further information on how Gigabiz can help your business, or general queries please use any of the methods below, or use the form located in Ask Gigabiz™ section. We look forward to hearing from you.

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