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Many Western companies fail to communicate effectively with their Chinese clients due to the language barriers. As well as contracts and other legal documents, your company profile, sales literature and product information etc are crucial for your business when approaching Chinese customers and suppliers.

In addition, cultural differences, traditions, etiquette and local dialects need to be understood to maximize your opportunities.

We have offices in the UK and throughout China, so we understand your objectives and the best way for you to achieve them.

Gigabiz are able to provide a comprehensive translation service both in the UK as well as in China, which includes contract verification, knowledge of Chinese contract law and local information which gives you a head start on your competitors.

Gigabiz offers proof-reading services for business documents, marketing materials and websites. We can translate from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese traditional or Chinese simplified.

Top quality Simplified Chinese Translation

All your translation will be completed on time and at a reasonable price. Only professional translators whose native language is Chinese perform our English to Simplified Chinese translation. Our team of professionals are educated to post graduate level, live in China and will only translate materials they have proven experience translating. This is how committed we are to ensuring that our standards are kept extremely high.

The best Chinese to English translations

Professional English translators whose native language is English and speak fluent Chinese perform our Chinese to English translations and proof reading services. Our English translators have a PhD in English literature with over 5 years experience in translation industry.

Please contact us for details or Ask Gigabiz™.

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