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Ultimate Brands Limited

We are a specialist drinks company.
I approached Gigabiz with a view to sourcing unique spirits from China.
Not only did Gigabiz fulfil our requirement but added value by introducing us to distributors in China and opened up markets there for us to export our products.
I must add that Gigabiz have throughout operated to a world class standard.
Their professionalism and business manner I found refreshing.
I would highly recommend Gigabiz to any company.

Clive Newitt
Managing Director
Ultimate Brands Ltd


John Lanham Watts Carpet Ltd

We are a small carpet distributor based in the UK who specialised is marketing and distributing wall to wall carpets though out the UK and Ireland. We always try to source products with unusual appeals and have many produced made to our design and specification. We approached Gigabiz with the idea of sourcing carpet from China. From the beginning we have recognised this is a long term project and not a sprint, but we have been pleasantly surprised with the progress we have made.

Gigabiz initially sourced manufacturers and obtained initial prices, as these looked interesting. We began to work on a product that we felt would maximise the potential whilst working with any limitations. We have now made two trips to China and each time we have been most impressed with Gigabiz.

On our first trip we were meeting with people we had never met and dealing in a completely foreign business culture. Despite this negotiations went well and we believe that prices for our requirements are up to 25% lower than Eastern Europe where we feel we already buy very well.

Our second trip was more difficult as complex technical issues were at issue. However the willingness of the Chinese manufacturer to improve and the speed with which Gigabiz understood these matters and could convey this to the Chinese was most impressive.

On both trips the arrangements made went like clockwork and the costs were kept to a minimum, certainly less that we could have arranged ourselves. It also has to be pointed out we had great time!

We are convinced that we would not have made such progress on prices quality and all other matters without Gigabiz and if you wish to do business with China, Gigabiz is an excellent way forward.

Alex Watts
Managing Director


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