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Setup an office in China

Setup an office in China

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We can arrange for you to establish a Chinese office, or invest in China, if you require a permanent on-the-ground presence there. If you are more interested in becoming successful trading with China independently, then our consultants can give you the necessary skills and even mentor you through your first few transactions. You will learn to understand the business etiquette and culture necessary for successful negotiations. And, you will become competent at communicating effectively with clients when you need to travel and do business in China. Following is useful information to know.

Procedures for Establishment of Resident Representative Offices by Foreign Companies

Step 1:
Applicant appoints an agent, which must be a mainland organisation specialised in providing services to foreign companies.

Step 2:
Agent submits on applicant’s behalf all the required documents to provincial foreign trade and economic cooperation department for examination and approval.

Step 3:
Upon approval granted, applicant should proceed promptly to the provincial or municipal administration for industry and commerce for registration.

Step 4:
Other formalities to be handled by the resident representative:

  1. Complete residence application procedures with local public security bureau by presenting registration certificate, representative certificate and approval certificate;
  2. Apply for opening bank account by presenting registration certificate and approval certificate to local foreign exchange administration;
  3. Apply to Customs for permission to import office equipment, daily necessities and transport vehicles for use by the representative office and its personnel;
  4. Complete tax payment registration procedure at local tax office;
  5. Appoint local foreign service company to recruit local staff.
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