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Looking for business partner in China

Looking for business partner in China

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The process of reaching a decision whether to proceed with a business proposition can be difficult anywhere. In China physical distance and cultural differences make the process even more difficult and risky. So what is the answer?

Post WTO China is the world's biggest new market. Much of this massive opportunity lies as yet untapped, but any Western business seeking entry into this market faces profound cultural complexities. The most dangerous effect of this cultural complexity for the western business person is that it makes it very much more difficult to assess commercial and financial risk realistically.

Now, with our hands on consultancy service, you do not need to work about anything. Buy products from China or even sell them to the Chinese market will be easy and relax for you. Working with us will help you to achieve significant reductions in your procurement and production costs and help you to set up successful and long-lasting relationships with Chinese businesses. We can arrange for you to establish a Chinese office, or invest in China, if you require a permanent on-the-ground presence there. If you are more interested in becoming successful trading with China independently, then our consultants can give you the necessary skills and even mentor you through your first few transactions. You will learn to understand the business etiquette and culture necessary for successful negotiations. And, you will become competent at communicating effectively with clients when you need to travel and do business in China

Our services include:

  • Market Analysis
  • Market Entry Services
  • Business Development
  • Translation Services
  • E-commerce
  • On going help and advice
  • Setting up additional office and recruiting local staff
  • Marketing campaigns
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