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Legal Assistant

Legal Assistant

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Gigabiz provide comprehensive legal services in China as well as consultancy services in UK, encompasses a board range of practice areas, including litigation, corporate matters, real estate, banking, intellectual property, insurance, investment etc.. Our legal assistant services meet the unique requirements of our clients and on a case-by-case basis, we form tailored working panels consisting of solicitors with different specialties to provide our clients with efficient services locally in China. Just Ask Gigabiztm to get professional advice and assistant.

Practice area

Corporate & International Trade

In according to the laws, regulations of foreign trade customs & commodity inspection in China and international conventions & international customs, Gigabiz offer our business clients a full range of legal services from providing counsel on legal problems which arise in the conduct of ordinary business affairs to handling all aspects of specific transactions including:

  1. Domestic and international contracts;
  2. The transfer of shares and the equity interest;
  3. Bankruptcy and liquidation;
  4. Investment in China and international markets;
  5. Project finance;
  6. Branch and subsidiary establishment;
  7. Listings;
  8. Mergers and acquisitions;
  9. Credit arrangement and debt settlement;
  10. HR management and labour issues.

Gigabiz assign experienced solicitors in particular area to represent our clients in international trade matters. Our legal services in this area encompass every aspect of international trade, from negotiating trade documents, drafting and translating contracts to resolving trade disputes through arbitration and court proceedings.


There are a group of legal outstanding experts on tax law and corporation audit in Gigabiz China, and we can provide legal service to all kinds corporations on tax revenue agency, corporation finance, investment, securities issuing, etc.

Intellectual Property

Our solicitors in China engage in all aspects of patent, copyright, trademark, computer software licensing and related legal practice, includes negotiating and preparing contracts, licences and technology transfer agreements, and advising in relation to merchandising, and counseling on unfair competition and trade secrets. More importantly, Gigabiz help our clients develop and implement comprehensive preventative, monitoring and redressing strategies to ensure that its clients’ intellectual property rights receive maximum protection in China.

For getting more information about our legal assistant in China, please Email us or just Ask Gigabiz™.


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