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Green Product - Solar and Wind Green Energy

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Gigabiz goes GREEN

For sometime Gigabiz has been working with Chinese Manufacturers of alternative energy products. We are now able to offer these green products to the U.K and Europe. You can vist this page or visit following websites to get more information:

Solar Energy, Solar water heating system, MCS PV panel, MCS complete Solar PV kits and Wind turbine
Air Source Heat Pump(Eco Airpump) & cylinder

These innovative products include:
Solar & Wind Dual Energy Street Light, High efficiency and performance solar chargers, Solar Laptop Charger, Solar road studs (cats eyes), High efficiency Condenser Boilers, wind turbine, Mono Solar Panel, Bio-mass wood pellet heaters, Air Source Heat Pump, Solar Vacuum tubes and  Solar water heaters, Evacuated tube panel and Flexible Mono & polycrystalline silicon solar cells.

Why pay over inflated prices in the UK when we can supply direct from the Manufacturer.

  1. There is generally NO minimum order with most of these products.
  2. We will cater for individuals or large concerns
  3. Let us know what you require and we will deliver to your door.
  4. Our partners can make and supply to your specifications.

Please call or E-mail ([email protected]) for further information.

The evidence is now overwhelming: climate change is happening, and it demands an urgent global response. Following construction industry trends, Gigabiz partners manufacturer a wide range solar products for our clients around world.

Our partner is one of the biggest manufacturers of alternative energy products in China. Providing all kind of solar and wind products as well as air source heat pump and ground source heat pump, These include solar lighting, solar water heaters, MCS solar panels, solar chargers , G83 inverter, solar photovoltaic lights, garden lights, road & street lighting and wind turbines etc.

Solar Water Heater

The use of solar panels to heat water is becoming increasingly popular.

A good solar hot water panel system is able to provide an average household with around a third of its annual hot water supply. While this may not sound much, it can reduce energy costs by a considerable amount.

The combination of a solar hot water panel with other renewable energy technologies, such as solar panels, or a home wind turbine can work quite well together in providing a source of cheap, clean, and renewable energy for our homes. In addition this can also have added vale to the price of your home.

For more information on related Solar water heating system or related products, please visit our solar water heater product page.

Solar and Wind turbines energy

The use of wind turbines is a great way to provide a source of clean and renewable energy for your home or business. There are a number of small wind energy devices that you can use to generate power, and most of these are very cost effective.

Many people in the U.K are investing in wind energy technologies in addition or as an alternative to solar power. Wind energy is also a key ingredient for the United Kingdoms future energy growth, and the plan to reduce carbon emissions.

For more information on related Solar and Wind energy products, please visit our product page.

Solar Charger

Solar Energy Multi-function Movable Power Supply

PowerAnywhere - Multi-function Movable Solar Power Supply

PowerAnywhere solar charger is an advanced portable charging system that can power any hand held device anywhere, anytime.

Solar Charger from Gigabiz supplied with stylish ABS body (Five colour available), integrated enhanced LED lighting, 8 sets of connecting charging converter, massive 5000mAh environmentally friendly Li-ion battery which can power an iPod for over 100 hours, PDA for 130 hours, mobile phone up to 230 hours and even over 8 hours for laptop!

With this product, you will never worry about carrying all kinds of chargers for mobile, PDA, digital camera and PSP, it can take the knocks of every day life whether on a business trip in London, back packing in the highland or chilling on a Caribbean beach.

Find out more about it, please click visit our multi-functional solar charger product page.

Air Source Heat Pump - Eco Airpump

Air Source Heat Pumps work by converting the energy of the outside air into useable energy in the form of hot water. The popularity of ASHP’s is growing rapidly due to significant advances in technology over recent years. Air source heat pump’s are being extensively used to generate the majority of domestic hot water requirements, as well as large amounts of underfloor and radiator central heating requirements.

To find out more information about our air source heat pump range, please visit Eco Airpump website. Full product details and air source heat pump technical documentations are available to view and download.

We are constantly improving and developing our product range, in order to meet customer needs. We are flexible, if you do not see a product that what you are looking for, don't assume we can not do it, generally speaking, WE CAN.

For further information on how Gigabiz can help your business, please give us a ring, email us or use the form located in Ask Gigabiz™ section. We look forward to hearing from you.

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