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Gigabox Vibration Speaker – Feel The Music !

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GIGABOX Vibrating Sound Device

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Gigabiz & Free-D announced its new technology which turn flat dense surfaces into giant speaker systems to support the exponential growth of the portable speaker market for Digital Music Players, Mobile Phone and Laptop computers with the Gigbox series. These devices give users the freedom and flexibility to produce quality sound from virtually any flat dense surface in the home, bedroom, office or commercial business.

“These compact devices are elegant in design and unassuming so they can easily blend into surroundings, Gigabox allows you to send songs from your Bluetooth stereo mobile phone or MP3 player up to 30ft away. The Cool Alternative to conventional portable speakers.”

The Technology - Gigabox technology is based on the principal of Sound Wave Transference. Through its proprietary vibrating core, the Gigabox acts as a Sonic Transducer by changing electrical energy into mechanical energy. It amplifies and drives sound waves into-through-and-out the surface of virtually any flat-dense material, thereby turning the material into a high quality sound system which emanates 360˚ sound dispersion.   
Big Sound, Compact Portable Size. Despite their compact size, the largest Gigabox weighing only 1.1 pounds and 3.2 inches by 3.75 inches by 2.5 inches, is lighter and more compact than most other conventional portable speakers while still delivering dynamic, full-range sound quality with 360˚ sound dispersion. The Gigabox Speaker Systems provide clear highs and power lows; their small size makes it easy to carry from place to place.   

Style and Features - The entire Gigabox series can easily be placed in any room in the home, office, bedroom, or business. Colours are designed to compliment the APPLE iPod White or Mirror Black digital music players. So unassuming, listeners will be hard pressed to pin point where the music is coming from.

Gigabox Product Range


Gigabox - Giga-sphere Black Gigabox - Giga-sphere Silver Gigabox - Giga-sphere Grey Gigabox - Giga-sphere White

The introduction level is high quality fun sphere. Simple to use with fantastic digital vibration surround sound. Play music anywhere and give computer gaming a vibrating excitement. Reivews of Vibrating Speaker.


Gigabox - Giga-Freedom Gigabox - Giga-freedom image

Rechargeable built in batteries allow this unit to be used anywhere. Designed for corporate presentations, the microphone compatibility even allows karaoke! This model incorporates the second generation of core vibration technology, operated via a stylish remote control.


Gigabox - Giga-Bluetooth image Gigabox - Giga-Bluetooth image

This unit incorporates professional quality. Bluetooth compatible the Jammer unit allows fantastic sound quality anywhere. The Jammer is rechargeable and wireless so play it on the bus from your mobile or in the home from any media player.

More information about Gigabiz Ltd can be found HERE

For further information on Gigabox, or sales enquiry, please use any of the methods below, or use the form located in Ask GigabizT section. We look forward to hearing from you.

Gigabox Sales & Enquiries:

Office: 08444 93 00 99
E-mail: [email protected]


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