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CRM solutions

CRM solutions

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CRM solutions

Our Mission

Gigabiz's mission is to help its clients to maximize return on investment and sharp business competitive edge by applying unique sales and marketing strategy, advance internet technology and application system.

consulting arm has extensive experience in projects for marketing, sales management, customer services, business intelligence, ecommerce and corporate portal, our development team pioneered in applying agile development methodology and service-oriented architecture (SOA) into the building of large-scale enterprise applications. By putting into use most effective software development practices such as test-driven development, iterative planning, continuous build and refactoring, Gigabiz development team has been able to deliver very quickly high-quality software that is easy to maintain, configure, modify and upgrade. We also devote extraordinary efforts into usability and excellent design to make sure our software not only delight our users but can scale and adapt flexibly according to the changing and growing business requirements of our clients.

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