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Gigabiz has been supporting IT business with techincal translation, software localisation and website localisation for years. Our locolisation solutions you can depend on for outstanding linguistic and technical quality that perfectly address your target audience.

For western businesses wishing to reach out to Chinese clients, we offer a full web site translation and localisation services, complete with web marketing and search engine optimisation directed to a Chinese audience.

Website development localisation

The expansion of the Internet as a global communications medium continues apace. As there is an enormous market for international websites, two points are worth considering:

  • The target audience's willingness to read a Web site increases by over 300% if the site is written in their native language.
  • Compared with the costs of building a Web site, Web site localisation and translation is an extremely cost-efficient alternative.

Our translation retains the HTML structure and localizes flash, graphics, WAV and MP3 files, and so on. We make sure that the "look" of the translated site is impeccable.

Software localisation

Software localization is the term used for adapting a software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical needs of the target market. Gigabiz offers the localisation solutions for all source of language and applications including C++, JavaScript and PROP, .NET, PHP, RC, etc. or program files (DLL, EXE, etc.).

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