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We will update this page regularly to make sure you will get up to date China law & practice information.

New PRC Legislation against Money Laundering

Money laundering has long been a problem in China. To counter this illegal activity, the Chinese government has introduced the PRC Anti-money Laundering Law, a landmark legislation in the history of China's judicial system. How will this new law limit or promote the business scope of financial institutions and foreign-invested enterprises?
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A Rule Pushed by the Market: China's New Measures for Offering and Underwriting Securities

Following a year-long hiatus, China recently reopened its market to IPOs. To guide the market, the China Securities Regulatory Commission introduced the Measures for the Administration of the Offering and Underwriting of Securities. The new Measures change the way that underwriters and institutions conduct IPO price inquiries in China. What do these Measures entail and how will they affect China's market in the future?
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Broader Investment Choices for Insurance Companies

The insurance industry in China is growing at a remarkably fast pace. By the end of 2006, this industry will allow foreign insurers to compete with local insurers. To guide this new process, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission has issued the Circular on the Investment in the Equity Interests of Commercial Banks by Insurance Institutions. Will the rules in this Circular diminish benefits for foreign investors? How will local insurers manage the new dimension of competition?
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Safe Harbour Protection in China: How China's New Regulations Protect the Information Dissemination Rights of Digital Networks

In the booming age of digital information, copyright issues have taken centre stage in courtrooms across the world. China, arguably the future's most prominent financial market, has recently been at the forefront of controversy. Marcia Ellis and Jean Zheng provide a comparative analysis of safe harbour laws in China and the United States. They conclude with an observation of how the law in China might have influenced the case of
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Sellers' Remedies and Strategies when Dealing with Financially-Distressed Buyers in the United States and Taiwan

The United States and Taiwan are among China's top trading partners. As Chinese companies conduct business in the US and Taiwan, they inevitably encounter buyers who cannot pay their bills. How do these Chinese companies navigate two different legal systems to recover their losses?
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PRC Anti-money Laundering Law 3600/06.10.31

(Promulgated on October 31 2006 and effective as of January 1 2007.)
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Other legislations are available to download:

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