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Bamboo Product

Bamboo Fabric Product

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For sometime Gigabiz has been working with Chinese manufacturers of creative bamboo fabric products including bamboo towel, bamboo clothing, bamboo fabric blanket, bamboo fabric quilts, bamboo fabric cover blanket, bamboo fabric bed linen and beding suites etc. We are now able to offer these great products to the UK and Europe. (We also provide bamboo charcoal product range from May 2008, please read this page to find more!)

Bamboo Fabric

It was a brand new concept years ago when Beijing University discovered a way to produce fabric from bamboo. Owing to its organic and ethical benefits, the bamboo fabric industry has been growing dramatically compared to other clothing fabric industries. So, why is bamboo fabric becoming so popular and generating such a dedicated consumer following in such a short period of time? Find out its benefits now!

  • Anti-bacterial
    Bamboo contains an antibacterial agent that kills almost all bacteria. The same goes for bamboo fabric. This helps bamboo fabric to stay odour free. It is fresher and healthier than conventional fabrics. it is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin or for anyone suffering from allergic skin reactions.
  • Soft, glossy and smooth
    Bamboo fabric is inherently tenacity, slippery, good lateral and vertical intensity and smooth, just like a second skin. The feeling of wearing it is as luxurious as silk and cashmere, but without expense or the need for hand washing
  • Hygroscopic and breathable
    The function moisture absorption, damp release and ventilation of bamboo fibre has proved to be best compared to that of other textile products from authorized test. The cross-section of bamboo fibres are filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, it has much better moisture absorption and ventilation. With this unparalleled micro structure, bamboo fibre garment can effectively absorb and evaporate human sweat in a split second, and makes to feel cool in summer and never suffocative in winter. From test figure, apparel made from bamboo fibre is 1-2 degree lower compared with normal clothing in hot summer. This property of bamboo fabric keeps you warm in cold weather, and it can also keep you cool in hot weather because of the same micro structure and its breathable quality.
  • Ultraviolet radiation resistant
    Bamboo fabre can raely be penetrated by 200-400nm ultraviolet radiation which is most harmful for human being, and this is what other textile products cant compete.
  • Environment friendly
    As well as being able to provide you with the best quality bamboo fabrics, organically grown and fertilizer free, bamboo also has other environmentally friendly characteristics. Bamboo fibre is 100% biodegradable without harm to the environment. Moreover, Bamaboo grows rapidly and therefore helps to improve soil quality in environments where the soil quality has been degraded or where there is soil erosion.

Bamboo Fabric Products Gift package

Bamboo Product Mini Gift Set 1 Bamboo Product Mini Gift Set 2 Bamboo Product small Gift Set Bamboo Product small Gift Set 1
Bamboo Product small Gift Set 2 Bamboo Product small Gift Set 3 Bamboo Product middle Gift Set Bamboo Product large Gift Set


Bamboo Fabric Home Textile Product Range

This range of product include: bamboo fabric blanket, bamboo fabric quilts, bamboo fabric cover blanket, bamboo fabric bed linen and beding suites.

Bamboo fabric cool blanket Bamboo fabric suitable blanket Bamboo fabric suitable blanket 2 Bamboo fabric cover blanket
Bamboo fabric terry blanket Bamboo fabric quilt 1 Bamboo fabric quilt 2 Bamboo fabric quilt 3
Bamboo fabric bed linen Bamboo fabric bed linen three sets Bamboo fabric bed linen four sets Bamboo fabric bed linen six sets

Bamboo Fabric Apparels

This range of product include: 100% bamboo fabric shawl, bamboo fabric men's socks, bamboo fabric women's socks and bamboo fabric kids socks.

bamboo fabric Kids socks bamboo fabric Man socks bamboo fabric Woman socks bamboo fabric shawl

Bamboo fabric Sanitary

This range of product include: Bamboo fabric pocket square towel (white, yellow, pink, grass green, claret, violet, cerulean, blue, aqua, size: 26x28 or 34x34), dishcloth (creamy, size: 30mm x 32mm ), Towel (white, yellow, pink, grass green, claret, violet, cerulean, blue, aqua, size: 34mm x 76mm), Jacquard Towel, Bath Towel, Men's bathrobe and Women's bathrobe.

bamboo fabric men bathrobe bamboo fabric women bathrobe bamboo fabric pocket square towel bamboo fabric pocket square towel large size
bamboo fabric dishcloth Bamboo fabric Towel Bamboo fabric Jacquard Towel Bamboo fabric Bath towel
Bamboo fabric Towel Bamboo fabric Bath towel large size    

More information about our bamboo product

  • Eco-Friendly
  • 100% Bamboo Fibre

Bamboo fibres have superior moisture absorption and ventilation - 3 times better than cotton. They are breathable, absorbent and lightweight. With their unrivalled micro-structure, bamboo fibres can effectively absorb and evaporate human sweat instantly, which will make your skin feel cool in the summer and warm in winter.

Bamboo fibre products are antibacterial, deodorising and even moth-proof. The fabric retains its natural lustre through multiple washings, and maintains its extra softness and resilience throughout years of use.

The exquisite silky touch, durable materials and many characteristics of bamboo fiber products have made Bamboo fibres stand out as the best clothing textile available.

Green information: Why are bamboo products Eco friendly?

  • Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth.
    It is known to produce a greater biomass and 30% more oxygen than a hardwood forest of comparable size, while improving watersheds, preventing erosion, restoring soil, providing sweet edible shoots and removing toxins from contaminated soil. Ecologists promote bamboo as a renewable source used for building materials as well as food. Many promote bamboo planting for erosion prevention, and even to reverse the effects of global warming.
  • Bamboo helps reduce carbon dioxide gases
    Carbon dioxide is a known cause of global warming. Some bamboo sequesters up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare, which makes it a highly efficient plant, and conducive to fresh air. Bamboo can be selectively harvested annually and regenerates without replanting.
  • Bamboo is a natural water control barrier.
    Because of its wide-spread root system and large canopy, bamboo greatly reduces rain run off, prevents massive soil erosion and keeps twice as much water in a watershed. Bamboo helps reduce water pollution due to its high nitrogen consumption, making it a solution for excess nutrient uptake of wastewater from manufacturing, livestock farming and sewage treatment.
  • Bamboo can restore degraded lands.
    It is a pioneering plant and can be grown in soil damaged by overgrazing and poor agriculture. Proper harvesting does not kill the bamboo plant, so topsoil is held in place. Because of its dense litter on the forest floor it feeds topsoil, restoring healthy agricultural lands for generations to come.

Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo Charcoal FOUR Characters:

  • Soothe the nerves
    Infrared produced by the bamboo charcoal promotes human body blood circulation, active brain cell and snoothe the nerves.
  • Anion effect
    The anion in bamboo charcoal is penetrable which could relax nerves, purify air and cure headache, insomnia and arthralgia.
  • Humidity adjustment
    The relative surface of bamboo charcoal is large with hundreds of gaps, which makes it's able to adjust the humidity of environment.
  • Deodorant
    Bamboo charcoal has the function of absorbing the odor of hair, sweat, smell of inhouse and decomposes with detoxification.

We developed several series of bamboo charcoal products, include Home Series (leisure pillow, healthy pillow, neck pillow, cushion, insole, shoes stopper), Purificatino Series (charcoal package, charcoal piece, charcoal craft), Nurse Care Series (soap, shampoo, hair-tonic, facial cleanser, bamboo vinegar liquid), Decoration Series (toy, windbell, ornament), Cushion Series (car sushion, home cushion). Contact us to arrange a sample of the products.

If you are interested in our bamboo product, please Contact Us for arranging a sample. For all trading enquiries, just drop us a call, E-mail us or use the form located in Ask Gigabiz™ section. We look forward to hearing from you.

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